Shangri La Hotel, the Best Place for a Staycation in Singapore

Many tourists go to various destinations in Singapore. This country is indeed very adorable with mesmerizing tourist destinations. Because it’s not enough to visit for a day, you should stay at the right hotel. For those of you who haven’t found the best hotel recommendations, come to Shangri La Hotel.

What are the Specialties of Shangri La Hotel?

This hotel has many facilities that visitors can access. You can go to a garden with a unique shape. It is a good place that is even more mesmerizing at night with decorative lights. Then, there is also a room with a dining table facing the glass window. So, you can eat alone or with someone, while looking at the beautiful scenery.

One type of room has a decoration in the form of wall paintings. This is an awesome interior for a staycation place. Besides being comfortable to rest, this interior is also impressive for those of you who want to have an experience staying abroad. Especially a country as beautiful as Singapore.

Suitable for Kids

If you bring the kids, some rooms have beds like treehouses. Children will be very happy to spend their holidays resting here. Not only that but there is also a children’s bed that is shaped like a castle.

They will love to play before bedtime. Especially with the various forms of comfortable beds at the Shangri La Hotel. This is a brilliant idea for those of you who are on vacation with the kids. They will feel happy to play and rest in a place as comfortable as this.

Not only tree houses and castles but there is also a submarine-shaped bed in the ocean-themed room. You can talk about some animals that live at sea before visiting the Singapore Zoo tomorrow. The kids will be curious about various underwater animals if you stay in this room.

Not only suitable for children, but Shangri La Hotel will also make adults feel comfortable. The existence of a swimming pool that you can access at any time makes this staycation more meaningful. Swimming can help you to relieve stress during business trips. If you are on a business trip, take a little time to swim. Get rid of fatigue and recharge your spirit by doing this very dynamic sport.

After swimming, you can enjoy your time in a cozy and comfortable room. You can also sunbathe in the poolside area if you want to relax for a while. This is a very pleasant moment, especially if you are on a business trip and don’t have much time to go to the beach.

In the swimming arena, there are also children’s toys that will make them happy. In fact, for children, there is also an interesting play area inside the hotel. This location is perfect for playing after swimming.

Of course, we can conclude that Shangri La Hotel is the right choice for a Singapore staycation agenda. Use the time available before boarding to book a room at this strategically located hotel. Have a good vacation!

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